Automated Recycling

Canton's Curbside Automated Recycling Program

This summer Canton will institute a new automated recycling program that will replace the current 18 gallon bin with a new 64 gallon cart. The larger carts are equipped with lids to promote a cleaner community and have wheels to make getting recyclables to the curb easier and more convenient. Canton also hopes the larger carts will help achieve the goal of 21% recycling rate by the end of 2018.

Delivery of the new carts will begin the week of June 5. Crews will deliver carts to the end of each resident’s driveway - residents do not need to be present to receive the cart.

You may begin using your cart as soon as you get it, however it will take about three weeks to deliver all carts.  If you do not receive your cart the week of June 5, please continuing using your green bin until your new cart is delivered.

Carts should be placed on your driveway apron and not in the street. They should also be placed on the opposite side of your drive from your refuse, leaving at least 6” around the cart so the mechanical arm on the truck can easily fit around the cart.  Hinges and handles should face towards your residence with the lifting bar facing the street. Click here for more information on proper cart placement.

Once you receive your new cart your 18 gallon bin and clear plastic bags will no longer be accepted at the curb. All recyclables must in inside the cart, anything left on the side of the cart will not be picked up.  Please note, carts are for recyclables only, yard waste will not be accepted inside the cart.  Please continue to put yard waste in 32 gallon containers or paper yard waste bags.

On non-collection days carts should be stored inside your garage or under your carport.  If you do not have a garage or carport or do not have adequate room, then please store it beside your residence. Your Home Owner’s Association may have additional rules about placement that you will need to comply with. 

The new carts will be owned by Canton however homeowners will be responsible for the care of the cart.  All reports of damage must be immediately reported to GFL services at 844/464-3587. If the damage was caused by the collection vehicle or the operator, then GFL will replace the cart at no charge. If damage or theft is from any other cause, the resident will be responsible for replacement.

OPT OUT WAIVER - All residents will need to take delivery of the cart. However, If after you receive the cart you wish to opt out of the service you can download the waiver here.  Once completed please mail it or drop it off at Canton Public Works located at 4847 Sheldon Road, just south of Michigan Avenue. Once the waiver is completed, please allow two-weeks for collection of the cart.  Since the carts are owned by the township, Canton will store the cart until the property changes ownership or the service is desired.  Please note, waiving this service WILL NOT reduce the annual fee.  Residents who do opt out are welcome to bring recyclables (during Canton Clean-up) to the GFL facility on Van Born Road.
If your house gets missed you must report it to GFL that day, otherwise GFL will not be able to pick up your recyclables until your next regular collection day.

Acceptable Items

  • Clear and colored glass
  • Household plastics, jugs, bottles: Numbers 1 - 7
  • Junk mail and office paper: All types and sizes
  • Newspapers, magazines, catalogs: Any size, remove all bags, strings, and rubber bands
  • Paperboard or cardboard: Flatten cardboard and cut into pieces, no wax-coated
  • Paper milk / juice cartons
  • Phone books: All types and sizes
  • Pots and pans: Kitchen cookware
  • Steel, tin, and aluminum cans: Empty cans only

Unacceptable Items

  • Chemicals (dry or liquid)
  • Electronic or Hazardous Waste
  • Flammable liquids
  • Garbage
  • Household cleaners
  • Medical waste
  • Paint cans
  • Plastic bags: Retail and grocery bags
  • Propane tanks
  • Styrofoam containers and packing materials
  • Wood items
  • Shredded Paper
Note: If there are any unacceptable items in your recycling cart GFL will not pick it up. In addition, any recyclable material that is not in the cart will not be picked up.

Why Recycle?

  • Each year, steel recycling saves the energy equivalent to electrically power about one-fifth of US households for one year
  • For every one million sheets of paper not printed, 85 pulp trees are saved
  • If all morning newspapers read in the United States were recycled, 41,000 trees would be saved daily and 6 million tons of waste would never end up in landfills
  • Recycling an aluminum can saves enough energy to run a television set for three hours
  • Saves valuable landfill space at Sauk Trail Hills in Canton